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Project Definition

The present RBN Toolbox and the corresponding website are results of my semester-project (winter semester 2002/2003) done in the LSL (Logic System Laboratory) at the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne). The work was assisted and supervised by Christof Teuscher.

The aim of the project was to provide a Matlab Toolbox for the simulation of synchronous and asynchronous Random Boolean Networks (RBN). The Toolbox should not only provide basic functions to compute the evolution of networks, but also offer the possibility to visualize the structure and the evolution of a RBN in different update modes.

By using the network's evolution functions as a basis, the RBN Toolbox also features more advanced functions for statistical evaluation and topology evolution of a RBN.

The RBN Toolbox website offers complete documentation and function reference for all functions of the Toolbox. Furthermore, it also contains a short introduction into the world of RBN and some tutorials in order to help you getting started using the Matlab functions.

However, the website doesn't explain all theoretical concepts and algorithms used in the Toolbox and some functions may require some further knowledge about the theory of Random Boolean Networks. Where additional information is necessary to understand and use a specific function, a reference to a paper or Internet ressource is given.


      Christian Schwarzer - EPFL