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Future Work

Although we have tried to develop a coherent set of tools and functions for the evolution, simulation and visualization of Random Boolean Networks, there are still ways to improve/enhance this Toolbox.
Future work on the RBN Toolbox might include the following points:

  • Development of some high-level functions to run complete experiments over a random set of topologies (Attractor length, number of attractors etc.)

  • Optimization of data structures and algorithms. Although some effort has been made to keep CPU-time and memory-ressources low, there is undeniably some room for improvement (vectorization of Matlab code)

  • Provide solutions to simulate networks with high connectivity (N~K). See the Limitations section for more information on this issue.

  • Further Research. Exhaustive experiments, using all possible sets of parameters may reveal some new insight into the behaviour of Random Boolean Networks.

If you make any contribution to the development or improvement of this RBN Toolbox, we are looking forward to hearing from you.



      Christian Schwarzer - EPFL