Matlab Random Boolean Network Toolbox
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Random Boolean Network 

Simulation und visualization of Random Boolean Networks 

Different update modes
(synchronous/asynchronous deterministic/non-deterministic)

Statistical Functions

Topology Evolution

...and much more



  • Andrew Boysen at UPENN is maintaining a more recent and updated branch of our "legacy" MATLAB RBN toolbox. His code is available on GitHub: [Dec 2015, CT]
  • Just uploaded a new version which fixes some compatability problems and finally contains the randint function. Apologies that things take so long! [Oct 6, 2007, CT]
  • Please note that the current code is still not fully compatible with recent Matlab versions. I'll work on that as soon as I have some time. Please feel free to send me new versions and fixes! [Oct 6, 2007, CT]
  • Please be aware that this toolbox is not under active development anymore. [Oct 6, 2007, CT]
  • The function "randint," which is heavily used in this toolbox, is not part of the basic Matlab installation. I'll post a home-brewed version soon. [Dec 3, 2006, CT]
  • Made some long overdue updates to this webiste. [Dec 3, 2006, CT]
          Christian Schwarzer - EPFL